Recycling the weird stuff: Mascara wands

I’m struggling to cut down on some of the ordinary junk that I’ve been living with for decades. Makeup is one of those things. I don’t have cases upon cases of makeup but I do have a fair amount that I need to work through before I’ll need to go out and find lower-waste alternatives, if I’m going to start living in closer alignment to my lower-waste values. And when that happens, I might need to find weird ways to recycle my old makeup containers.

Well, today I found out about this initiative called Wands for Wildlife. It’s so strange and a little hilarious but I kind of love the idea of a baby possum being groomed and rid of parasites with the help of one of my old mascara wands.


possum mascara wand Appalachian wildlife refuge
Photo: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

If you need to learn more about what’s going on with this baby possum and why your old mascara wands can help, click over to the Wands for Wildlife website.

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