Toothpaste (that isn’t paste)


Designers take note! I’ve found a toothpaste that can actually look attractive while sitting on a bathroom shelf.

It’s called Bite and I found it when researching alternatives to toothpaste sold in plastic tubes. I grew up using Colgate, so for me, nothing tastes cleaner than a mouthful of fluoride and I’ve been buying toothpaste out of tubes for as long as I’ve been buying toothpaste. But I switched to using a plastic-free toothbrush about a year ago and it felt inconsistent to buy toothpaste enrobed in plastic. So as my tube of toothpaste dwindled, the hunt for a different brand was on.


For the brave zero-waster, there’s homemade toothpaste made from baking soda and coconut oil but I just can’t see how spitting oil down the sink is a good idea for the plumbing system of a prewar building. So. Not going that route. And actually if you’re afraid of Fatberg coming to your town, I’d think twice about the oil in the sink thing, but maybe that’s me.

So what is Bite and how does it work? Bite makes what they call bits, which are breath-mint-sized tablets of tooth cleaner. You place an order for a one-month or four-month supply of bits (for one-time or subscription purchase), and they are delivered to your home in a glass jar. Whenever you receive a refill of tooth cleaner, it is delivered to your door in packaging that can be composted right at home.


So far I’ve been satisfied with Bite. The toothpaste foams a lot, it cleans well, and it tastes nice. Truth be told, it’s still a little odd to bite down on my toothpaste like biting into a piece of candy; muscle memory tells me it’s food and I should keep chewing (it’s not and I shouldn’t). But I’m starting to adjust to the new cleanser and I’m feeling good about the switch.

Is there a better solution out there? Maybe. And if I learn about it, I’d be happy to make another switch. Until then, I’ll keep an eye out for a refill pack of bits heading my way in a few months.

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